Data Leadership Program

A proven Practical Program 

for Executives in Data Leadership


The underlying logic

Data leadership is a strategic core capability for CXOs in fast changing environment.

There is a scientific implementation path for digital strategy. The core logic is to form a closed loop of management decision-making and operational efficiency by integrating the company’s strategic goals, agile innovation, data decision-making, business indicator system design, organizational structure, and process optimization. 

Data leadership can only be driven and built from top to bottom by the CEO. The focus is not on what software system, CRM, ERP, CDP, and BI software to use, but a set of corporate governance management methodologies and planning processes.

For example, many companies looked at revenue growth rates without a profit margin. Growth is great, but growth at all costs is not. Using revenue growth rate indicators without using profit margins may lead to a distorted view of company performance, and purely strategic or investment choices based on high-yield curves are likely to lead to disastrous results. For example, decision-makers in companies with data leadership can deeply understand that they can’t just have rear-view mirrors, they also need telescopes.

No matter what stage of development the company is in, data leadership in the decision-making cognition of the company’s founders and CXOs mainly solves two problems: one is the rear-view mirror, and the other is the telescope.

Most companies don’t have much problem with the rear-view mirror. The basic principle is to refer to how well the previous indicator results were done, and the results of this thing can judge whether it is OK. Because the defined indicator projects will become more and more complicated, sometimes for special purposes, they will also build special activity-based, seasonal, or detailed reports and reports for special periods, which are basically OK.

But in the telescope, it’s not. Often many companies look at the data and then make decisions by the business team based on their own experience, and the judgment basically depends on personal experience. In fact, if it is just looking at the curve comparison, the final decision and judgment are made by feeling, and even the business forecast is done by people, the final decision-making method will vary from person to person, bringing in a lot of personal knowledge reserves and industry understanding, as well as prejudice.

If your company has also encountered bottlenecks in sustainable growth and digital strategy, it is necessary to rethink how to make data leadership an important ability to help your growth in digital world. We can help you build through an effective process and method based on our experiences in supporting hundreds of enterprises’ data-driven consulting and training. It has been applied in top mobile operators, fast-moving consumer brands, digital finance,  internet unicorns,  online travel &  hotel groups, avoiding major deviations in directional and trend judgments of the company. These companies with data leadership successfully leverage the strategic ability and build strong defendability when compete in this crowd market.

The highlights of this program

Budget, organizational structure, technology, personnel, and the stage of the enterprise will all affect the choices of future management leaders in making data leadership and digital strategy. We deeply understand this.

Through this practical training program, we will solve the data leadership path design, strategic planning and practical methods for different types of enterprise leaders.

You will receive:

  • Forms of data leadership: lean delivery, digital transformation, data decision-making, data-driven growth, experimental culture, AI empowered and differentiated innovation
  • Experience the success and failure cases of data empowerment strategic planning
  • Master the design of strategic goals and indicator systems, OKR and KPI decomposition, understand qualitative and quantitative scientific quantification methods
  • Master the data leadership framework: digital strategy, culture, organization, process, and technical capabilities
  • Familiar with data leadership assessment: CMMI model, digital maturity assessment framework,  digital transformation framework, and practical cases of retail FMCG and internet unicorns and online travel business.
  • Formulate appropriate data leadership assessment and put the theory into practical delivery in your companies.


The Program in Details

Moudule 1 : Data Leadership  & Practice

Core course. The executives will master the core framework and assessment methods of data leadership

  • The core framework and composition of data leadership, including: digital strategy, organizational capability, data culture, process management, technical & engineering, and data product.
  • Methods and practices of data leadership level assessment: various data capability assessment models, such as CMMI,  enterprise digital maturity assessment framework,  Alibaba’s consumer digital transformation framework, and ODMM.
  • Explanation and analysis of retail industry and Internet unicorns:  case studies based on the digital maturity model ODMM,  understand the significance of data leadership assessment, design methods and practical plans for the CXOs’ own situation.

Moudule 2: Data Empowered Strategy & Practice

Core course. The executives will fully experience the strategic implementation of data empowerment in the real world:

  • Strategic goal definition & case studies: social content unicorns and and real estate enterprises
  • Strategic goal review & case studies: e-commerce and online tourism enterprises
  • Strategic goal iteration & case studies: retail FMCG and pharmaceutical health enterprises

Systematically understand and digest the successful implementation process of data leadership in a top O2O marketplace company:

  • Core capabilities in O2O marketplace company: supply capacity, user demand, and logistics capacity
  • Design of the real time business indicator system, intelligent decision engine and supported organizational culture
  • Design of business strategy from macro to micro supported by data-driven process & engieering, including target strategy, time dimension, organizational granularity, city-level business dimension,analytics & AI, etc.
  • Cases studies:data-driven business operation decomposition,  strategy goal setting, resource planning, and sales performance assessment optimization driven by large scale experiments
  • Case studies:Data-driven sand table deduction, including large scale city & district level AB test case analysis


Mentor of the Program

Richard Gu,Founder of 

Currently the founder of, Richard Gu is driving data-informed decision making to scale his client’s businesses. He is passionate about harnessing analytics & AI to identify opportunities for innovation and competitive advantages. He has helped businesses across industries maximize ROI through rigorous experimentation and analytics.

With a strong track record of success, he was frequently sought as an advisor and speaker. He is  committed to sharing insights that inspire product-led transformations. An influential industry thought leader, he is connecting a widespread community around data and optimization best practices.

Before, Richard Gu was the CGO for Global Product & Growth at



Keynote Speaking by Richard

The Art of Failure


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